Cute Love Messages For Her - Whatsapp Love Status Messages for Her

I love you the way I do
because my well being depends on it
I love you the way I do
because my life depends on it
I will always love you I do
and nothing in this world will ever change it


you are sweeter than sugar
you are the moon of my life you are lunar
I loved you yesterday I love you today and I promise to Love you further

It's like living life with no ambition
It's like I'm on a journey with no destination
It's like been alone with no affiliation
That's how it is without you my love my life's admiration

Top 50 Best Whatsapp Love Status - Love Messages for Whatsapp

1.      Your love is dear to my heart

Your sweetness brings joy to my heart

You alone hold the key to my heart


2.      you make me high like a kite

Your love give me wings I want to take flight

The love in your eyes sets my heart alight


3.       I choose to stay with you no going back

I love you dearly front and back

No matter the distance I always got your back


4.     you are dearly loved most assuredly

You are dearly cherished most certainly

You are my number one I say it clearly 


5.     You are the light of my fire

my love for you burns brighter than a bush fire

I’ll love you endlessly never will I tire

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6.     I'm not perfect but I love you perfectly

I may do wrong but I love you correctly

I love you God knows I do this I do wholeheartedly


7.      I want you I need you cant live without you

I love you i cherish you wont ever lie to you

Want to live the rest of my live with you


8.      I think of you and I smile

Because of you I will go the extra mile

Will go out of my way to make you smile


9.      You bring joy to my heart

I love you more than I love me I pray its stays like that


10.     You are priceless I hold you very dear

Your beauty is timeless I love you and that’s clear

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